Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, lying east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The territory consists of the main island of Anguilla itself, approximately 16 miles (26 km) long by 3 miles (5 km) wide at its widest point, together with a number of much smaller islands and cays with no permanent population. The island's capital is The Valley. The total land area of the territory is 90 km 2, with a population of approximately 13,500 inhabitants.

Anguilla is politically stable with a common‐law legal system based on English law, a liberalised telecommunications system and a high‐end tourism industry. The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (1US$ = EC$2.71) but the US dollar is widely used. There are no foreign exchange restrictions.

Anguilla has become a popular tax haven, having no capital gains, estate, profit or other forms of direct taxation on either individuals or corporations. Its state‐of‐the‐art online company registration network, known as ACORN, is the centrepiece of its financial services industry and along with its reputation as a well‐regulated jurisdiction.

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