Bookkeeping and audit

Provision of bookkeeping services, preparation of financial statements and filing of tax returns belong to a standard range of services in all jurisdictions where we operate directly.

Bookkeeping services

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Cyprus, bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements and filing of tax returns is obligatory. It is a standard part of our services and is provided by our in‐house accounting department to all companies administered by us.

VAT registration and administration

The service of registering a company for VAT purposes in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Cyprus, and providing subsequent VAT administration is provided only in the event that it is necessary and relevant for the activity of the client’s company.

Audit requirements

Auditing of financial statements is automatically obligatory in Cyprus and is provided through appropriate partners. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, auditing is compulsory for limited liability companies which in both the current and the previous accounting period meet at least TWO of the following criteria:

In the case of joint‐stock companies, auditing is obligatory after meeting only one of the above criteria.

We have prepared a detailed bookkeeping guide for our clients which summarises the general conditions of our bookkeeping services, and respective fees.