International tax planning and asset protection

Structures for international trade or holding purposes, using vehicles from white‐listed jurisdictions

PROTTECO specialises in creating tax‐effective schemes, the most popular which being structures for operations in international trade (agent schemes) and those for holding purposes.

While Anguilla and Cyprus are notorious offshore jurisdictions frequently used in international tax planning, it comes as a surprise to our international clients that Czech and Slovak companies can bring comparable tax planning or asset protection benefits, while being set up in "white‐listed" and reputable EU jurisdictions.

International trade

Both Czech and Slovak companies are frequently used as agents in international trading structures, acting on behalf of principals registered in low‐tax jurisdictions.

Holding structures

Slovak entities are also an ideal vehicle for the tax‐effective flow of dividends from various corporate structures, because incoming as well as outgoing dividends are not subject to the Slovak income tax, irrespective of the type and residence of subsidiaries and shareholders of said entities.

In contrast to the above, the Czech Republic offers a participation exemption on capital gains and dividends received from non‐EU subsidiaries.

Detailed information on corporate structures availing of the above benefits can be found in the Client Section or can be provided upon request.