Shelf companies with bank accounts

Instead of opening a new bank account, our clients can acquire a Czech or Slovak shelf company with an account already opened in one of the local banks. The acquisition of such a company is then accompanied by a change of signatory and beneficial owner.

The corporate services we provide in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus and Anguilla encompass the incorporation
of various legal forms of companies, partnerships and/or foundations.

Shelf companies

While the process of incorporating a new company in Anguilla can be completed within a matter of minutes (thanks to online access to the Company Registry), the process of forming a new company in the remaining three jurisdictions consists of several steps and can take several weeks.

That is why we recommend that clients seeking to acquire a Cyprus, Slovak or Czech company select a shelf company from our stock. In most cases, our clients require a bank account be opened for the acquired company in a cooperating banks located in these jurisdictions. As a result, we have started to specialise in shelf companies with open bank accounts attached to them.

Taking over of an existing bank account

In the Czech Republic, a bank account must be opened during the process of forming a new company, as the law requires that the share capital
of the company be paid up before the company can be registered in the Companies Registry.

Once the registration is complete, PROTTECO withdraws the funds from the bank account but in most cases leaves the bank account open with
a minimum balance to cover banking fees.

During the process of acquiring a shelf company and registering the change of director and/or shareholder therein (if necessary), we arrange
for the change of beneficial owner and signatory, which can be done in the client’s presence at the bank, or by correspondence.

Such a process is faster and less complicated than opening a new bank account. It also means that the client can receive the details
of the existing bank account at the beginning of the acquisition process.

A list of our shelf companies with opened bank accounts can be found in our Client Section or can be provided upon request.